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Proud to be born a ‘Sandancer’ on Tyneside, Steve moved to Devon in 1975 where he currently lives and works.

Steve constantly utilises new styles and techniques to keep his work fresh. A self-taught artist, he has a background in graphic design which has given him a unique understanding of composition, balance and the relationship between colour and shape. He reverences strong, improbable light which suggest a romantic sense of place and time.

Although aware of scale and perspective Steve prefers to produce a pleasing image and uses his locations purely for inspiration and as a reference point. His work captures the essence and feeling of a space and often disregards the natural order of things.

“Harbours and seascapes feature heavily in my work but, like all artists I find inspiration in many places. I’ve always lived by the coast, my hobbies include kayaking and body-boarding. Beaches and harbours have been a part of everyday life. I have a real fondness for Cornwall, Penwith in particular. I know it’s a cliché but the light really is something else.”

In 2014 he began being represented by DeMontfort Fine Art and found his work hanging in Galleries nationwide at the same time building a strong following of collectors both at home and abroad.

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