Paul Warner - A singular Eye - A Retrospective of Print, Photography, Sculpture and Painting

Some fantastic work across a range of processes, possessing consistency through the handing of a master-craftsman.

Crow Road by Paul Warner

The Trickster by Paul Warner

Waterfall Carving in Lime wood by Paul Warner

Paul Warner Retrospective -gallery view

Paul Warner Retrospective Exhibition

Lime wood and MDF sculpture by Paul Warner

Forgive the slightly dodgy photography with more than a hint of a bald headed reflection - the artwork is the important thing!

An exhibition that tries to cram too much work in to one space can be quite difficult to digest - particularly when its a mixture of processes but I think the consistency of quality binds this exhibition together very well. Warner also returns to quite mystical... almost mythological themes that suggest a spiritual affinity with nature and the landscape. From standing stones to mischievous hares and birds.

Its really well worth a visit - all works are for sale.

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