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Paul Warner - A singular Eye - A Retrospective of Print, Photography, Sculpture and Painting

Some fantastic work across a range of processes, possessing consistency through the handing of a master-craftsman.

Woodcut Print limited edition
Crow Road by Paul Warner

Woodcut print
The Trickster by Paul Warner

One of the carvings by Paul Warner
Waterfall Carving in Lime wood by Paul Warner

A range of prints and sculpture by Paul Warner
Paul Warner Retrospective -gallery view

Some of the beautiful Wood carvings on display in the Back Room Gallery at Words & Pictures
Paul Warner Retrospective Exhibition

Unusual use of traditionally carved Lime Wood and Painted MDF
Lime wood and MDF sculpture by Paul Warner

Forgive the slightly dodgy photography with more than a hint of a bald headed reflection - the artwork is the important thing!

An exhibition that tries to cram too much work in to one space can be quite difficult to digest - particularly when its a mixture of processes but I think the consistency of quality binds this exhibition together very well. Warner also returns to quite mystical... almost mythological themes that suggest a spiritual affinity with nature and the landscape. From standing stones to mischievous hares and birds.

Its really well worth a visit - all works are for sale.

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