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Still Here!!!

Although not actually in the gallery physically we are there in spirit. (I also slip down to Words & Pictures Gallery when the children have gone to sleep and rearrange the window and photograph artwork).

'Coobshead' By Sarah Morris £450
Unique Woodcut print by Sarah Morris

If you read the blog and follow Words & Pictures Gallery on Facebook or Instagram you will know that we are temporarily closed because of the Virus. I thought we could keep the Physical gallery open on a limited footing but things obviously got quite serious quite quickly and we are absolutely 100% behind the campaign to stay indoors and limit any unnecessary contact.

The website is however fully operational and if any artwork is of interest I can post it for you. Alternatively if you are wavering I can take more images and email them to you so you can have a better look (i'll even do a little video so you can see it in the round).

If you dont like the idea of taking receipt of artwork at the moment I can put anything to one side for you until you are ready to come in to the gallery to view it in person.

In between childcare and home-schooling I will also be adding more work to the gallery and continuing my own studio practice... so keep returning to the website for updates.

Another unfortunate consequence of the lock-down is the temporary suspension of the Exhibitions we had arranged for 2020. The Sarah Morris show was cut short by a week and although there is a woodcut in the window many people were disappointed they couldn't get to see it. I'm going to post a few photographs so you get a flavor of the show but do please excuse the quality of my photography... It was the middle of the night and the prints are behind glass so you will see a shadowy reflection of this gallery owner.

Unique framed woodcut by Sarah Morris £350
Sarah Morris Woodcut 'Fishing off the Point'

Unique Woodcut framed £250
Sarah Morris 'Training with Red R'Oar'

I'm going to try and liaise with the artists who were booked for our Spring / Summer exhibitions and get some imagery of the artwork that would have been on display. I may even try and persuade them to do a little video.

I highly recommend you visit

Zack Mclaughlin is one of the artists that will have to be rescheduled but he has a brilliant Instagram page: paperandwood_ where he has recently been dong a series of video presentations about how his making processes... its excellent and he is well worth following.

Until next week - stay safe, stay at home and support the NHS.

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