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Sam Boughton - Recent Paintings

Sam Boughton recent paintings at Words & PicturesGallery, 8th - 22nd May.

A very specific, focused and refined palette and markmaking vocablary that explore a semi-abstract Devon landscape.

Within the visual language are a series of marks and gestures that identify as boat, tree, rock, wave etc but they are the barest of suggestions - enough. The best type of poetry that doesn't force itself upon you with blunt instruments borrowed from representational painting and illustration or get bogged down with the seduction of process and serendipitous material accidents.

Boughton is already a successful illustrator and author and her painting is a natural extension of the abstracted illustrative technique she had developed over the course of her career. Within the pages of those editions there is evidence of the gestural marks, splashes and shapes that have found their place in her paintings - but especially the colour. Having talked to Boughton it is very clear that she is obsessed with a colour palette and refers to those colours like old friends.

Because of covid restrictions there will be no private view but I urge you to visit the gallery over the next 2 weeks - please see the website for opening hours.

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