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New Exhibition: Jirka Ptacek

Although titled 'South Devon Seascapes' this only represents about 60% of the work on show which also includes a number of paintings of the Devon landscape and specifically Dartmoor.

There always seams to be some allusion to the time when these are painted - 'early morning', 'twilight', 'autumn' reflected in the titles and the light. Ptacek plays this down a little but I think its fundamental to the connection to the landscape, the palette and a slightly dehumanised space, certainly devoid of humanity. They are not crowded with presence regardless of how familiar the landmarks are and how many times they have been frequented. You feel you are the only traveller in his landscapes, owning your time and space.

South Devon Seascapes
Jirka Ptacek

South Devon Landscapes
Jirka Ptacek - Gallery View

Jirka Ptacek - Landscapes and Seascapes
Jirka Ptacek at Words & Pictures Gallery

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