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Moved to Tears

It isn't often that a piece of artwork has the power to evoke emotions other than those of envy, joy, pride, love, anger - maybe confusion but once in a while an artwork has the ability as to so move someone that they are driven to tears.

We have lots of visitors to the gallery and we have a changing display of artworks for them to enjoy and on the whole I think it all measures up pretty well. What we have is very well received and we get lots of positive commentary but it's quite rare for the artworks to generate tears. I should think in the last year only three artworks have had this effect and for two of the artworks it wasn't a unique experience.

One of these pieces was 'The Wolf at the Door' by Cherry Jeffs.

I don't know if it was the subject matter in particular or the meticulous drawing and collage or the hours and hours of work that was clear had been spent producing it - a combination of all I suspect. On at least two separate occasions customers were brought to tears because they were so moved by this work. There is obviously a strong narrative attached to the imagery and there is bags of symbolism that permeates every facet which resonates with collective and personal experience.

Despite the emotion it is still available - POA.

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