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Lockdown lifted and Art for Christmas!

It was a long month but thanks to some fantastic support from our customers (new and old) we managed to navigate through it with postal sales, click and collect and our free local delivery options. So thank you to everyone who supported us. It is largely thanks to you that we are able to open now.

We have had a chance to refill the shelves with new ceramics, glass, jewellery and books and the walls are covered from floor to ceiling with some fantastic painting.

If you live locally please try and use your high street. We have put some good Covid 19 safety measures in place and its a nice open space with plenty of room, hand sanitiser masks and screens to keep everyone safe.

And here is the 'eye candy...

Words & Pictures Gallery Window 2020
Christmas window

Acrylic on board 30 x 30cm
Sam Boughton

Silver and semi precious stone rings
Faith Rose Jewellery

stained glass foil work hanger
Amy McCarthy Glass bouquet

Stainless steel and cold cure enamel cuff links
Lawrence Gibson cuff links

Mixed media 30 x 30cm
Slapton Sands by Jason Noble

Acrylic on card 15 x 15cm
Mair Johnson

Silver and gold
Sue Jones earrings

10cm diameter triple hare with shared ear
Ceramic Tile by Ann Mari Hopkin

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