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Its Mid January then?

'Ocean Dance no 9' by Rachael Bennett

I always find January a bit of a struggle. I never really liked school and we always had such brilliant Christmas times at home that made the return much more difficult. At least now I have quite an enviable job, surrounded by art and living on the South Coast... but I still get a bit maudlin, I'm sure many people do. However what better way to lift your spirits than to look at some art?

There is plenty on the website to look at but art is always better in the flesh. So if you can, try and pop in to look at what we have. There are new works that were delivered over the winter and I try and rehang every couple of weeks to refresh the collection. Our solo Exhibition calendar starts in mid March with Jirka Ptacek, but we have new works by Rachael Bennett, Robert Freame, Jane Perkins, Liese Webley, F G Davis, Megan Players and Jayne Lenihan. Stay in touch, visit the gallery, say hello.

'Winter's Song' by Jane Perkins

'View Towards Dartmoor from Teign Estuary' By Jirka Ptacek

'Sail' By Robert Freame

'Found Comfort ii' By Liese Webley

'Waterfall' By F G Davis

'The Fisherman's Wife Waits' By Megan Players

'3 Fish Tray' By Jayne Lenihan

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