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Expressions Exhibition By Jane Branch


Born in Sussex I was bought up through the difficult war years and sent to boarding school at the tender age of 9. However, I feel that some of the hardship during those years and the discipline I was bought up with both at school and at home gave me an excellent grounding to life ahead.

At school I only excelled in Geography (drawing maps) Biology (drawing diagrams) and Art which prompted leaving school at sixteen and continuing my life at Farnham School of Art . After the foundation course covering a wide variety of studies I chose to take my degree in Printed Textile Design and Lithography. Getting my diploma I returned to assist teaching in the textile department and at the same time working for a small animated cartoon company.

Later, moving to London I worked over several years in a number of jobs incorporating interior design eventually managing a tile showroom in Knightsbridge. We specialised in personally designed screen printed tiles . From this I moved on to set up my own business designing tile wall panels and painted wall murals. For 34 years I worked to commission for clients in London, the Home Counties and Abroad. Towards the end of this period my husband and I designed and lived on a narrow boat, touring the Grand Union Canal selling our pottery work .

Both loving the West Country we retired to Devon some 24 years ago. I then began to start painting for my own pleasure.

Over these years my work has developed in many different directions. It is very varied, I’m inspired by ‘ the moment ‘ always excited to explore new avenues .

I like working in Oils, Acrylic, Charcoal, Collage and mixed media .

Exhibited in many joint and solo exhibitions throughout Devon, and been participant in Devon Open Studios at a variety of venues for several years .

Member of Devon Artists Network and Gallery South West .

JANE BRANCH I have always been inspired by a passing moment, a glance at an object, a rough sea, textures in nature. ‘People watching ‘ is continually a great pastime , and I developed a fascination for the patterns created by people standing , chatting, and scurrying around or sitting in groups , giving me a continued source of inspiration and buzz .The lightness or density of the patterns which evolve leaving interesting negative spaces . My figurative paintings explore this aspect of observation. The sculptured paintings evolved slowly. Having painted a considerable number of figurative paintings I felt like doing some 3D work again and moulded some figurines based on sketches and life drawings Relief carvings have always interested me ,and inspired by these I combined my paintings with the figures , using contemporary scenes as my backgrounds thus creating something new and rather unique . I have been intrigued by the patterns created by the receding tide in the sand for some time, finding these patterns similar to those of branches on trees and veins on leaves .This has been my recent fascination and exploration, as shown in some of these exhibits. I paint in Oils, Acrylics, collage and charcoal, enjoying them all for their own elements or used as mixed media. My work is always changing, I want to explore more and more ….there is so much waiting to be created . Visit my web site at

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