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Annabelle Hulbert Solo Exhibition

Annabelle Hulbert

‘Underwater dreaming: the sea is not blue’

‘Underwater dreaming: the sea is not blue’ is a small show of paintings by Annabelle Hulbert which endeavour to reach beyond the atypical ways of seeing and representing a place in time. For Annabelle they have a deeply autobiographical undertone that ground and direct the making process.

The exhibited works all have a common thread, not only in terms of their pictorial concerns of colour, texture, repeated and evolving organic forms, and the making process used, but also in terms of their conceptual dichotomy: they narrate without revealing; they have a painterly completeness whilst remaining simultaneously absence of motif. The paintings become the sign, making monumental the ephemeral, the momentary and fleeting memories, which take the place of the so-called reality where the sea is pictured blue.

This show is of journeys through landscapes, recollecting the visceral qualities of being immersed in the sea and a prolonged nostalgia for home. All of which are embraced, lost, and found in the intensity of the making process to form the final work.

Annabelle has lived away from her home village of Shaldon for 20 years, returning, she set up her studio 2 years ago – ‘The Art Room’ just off the village Green, where she paints and takes weekly art classes.

Annabelle has exhibited internationally in Africa, USA, Ireland and UK, curating international exhibitions for The National Museum of Kenya and SOAS Brunei Gallery London and received a number of ACNI awards and international residencies.

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