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October Colour

We have lashings of colour in the gallery, mostly in the form of abstracts from Tracey Kirby, Rosemary Ensor and Rachael Bennett.

In their own abstract interpretation the three artists deal with landscape. The interesting differences are in the scale of those interpretations. Bennett s landscapes are a broad panorama with vast tracts of land, sea and sky, Kirby deals with a tighter view with meandering paths and streams and Ensor could be interpreted as tiny details within the landscape or land-mass views from space.

You'll have to make your own minds up, but you will have to see them in-the-flesh to fully appreciate how good they are. Here is just a little teaser....

Tracey Kirby small abstract painting

Tracey Kirby

Rosemary Ensor abstract painting

Rosemary Ensor

Rachael Bennett triptych

Rachael Bennett

Derek Finch

And a little Derek Finch shadow box piece - just because I really like it!

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