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Francesca - Italian Student Intern at Words & Pictures Gallery

Over the past month we have been lucky enough to have an Italian Art student working at the gallery. Francesca is on an Erasmus exchange which arranges work placements for students. She has been a real asset and I shall miss her company when she goes back to Italy next week.

I have asked her to contribute to this weeks blog and as you read on it will become self evident what an articulate and intelligent person she is. I have not edited her content at all.

Art intern


I’m Francesca Parolin, I’m an art student in Italy and I’ve been working as an intern at the gallery for the past 4 weeks.

The thing I valued the most while working here was being surrounded by the art pieces of local artists of Teignmouth because I study art in school and I want to make art my job someday in the future.In this way I had the opportunity to learn about another’s country art styles and preferences.

The artists that I enjoyed the most while being at the gallery were Rachael Bennett and F.G. Davis. Rachael Bennett’s works are beautifully hypnotising thanks to the colours and textures she portrays on the canvas. Of her works at the gallery I loved “Land and Sea No3” because in some ways it reminded me of the Italian landscapes where you can see both land and sea.

Rachael Bennett

Of F.G. Davis I wanted to buy “Thatch and Cob” as soon as I saw it. The painting it’s complicated in its simplicity: the pinks and the blues compliment each other and the textures added by different mediums create a very interesting piece.

FG Davies

These were just two of my favourites, if I had to list all of them I would be staying here for another week. Sadly this is my last week here in England.It has been a pleasure working here surrounded by such beautiful art, and I am so grateful for this experience because I had the opportunity to learn a lot about art and culture here in Britain and the differences between this country and mine."


A massive thanks to Francesca for all her help. I should also point out that Francesca is only 17 and at an Italian state school. Rest assured i apologised for Brexit and let her know that lots of English people still want to be part of Europe.

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