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New Painting Exhibition - Sue Williamson: Urban

Sue Williamson Painting exhibition

From Saturday 16th March Sue Williamson will be exhibiting a selection of recent paintings at Words & Pictures Gallery. These are complex abstractions of industrial spaces that dispel any sense of claustrophobia through reflection and transparency. As complex and considered as the original architectural plans.

In Williamson s own words:

"Her work is about urban and metropolitan landscape, past and present. It is rooted in the places she chooses to visit in Europe. "

"Her intention, through the deconstruction, juxtaposition and layering of her subject matter, is to recreate the fragmented memories and sensations of moving through those architectural spaces. The dynamics of the architecture along with the perpetually changing play of light and colour on the array of surfaces she encounters is her continuous challenge."

"This body of work in Words and Pictures Gallery is representative of my European travelling experiences during 2017 and 2018; London and Bristol in the UK to Vienna Austria, Perugia Italy, Tavira Portugal and Malaga Andalusia."

The private view is 5.30 pm on Saturday 16th March if you are in the area please drop in to see the exhibition and meet the artist.

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