Valentines Alternative

Not much one for card company / media generated festivals especially one that puts pressure on a relationship or makes you feel bad because your not in one. So here are some alternative artworks to spend your money on - and don't buy it for someone else buy it for yourself.

New to the gallery is Tyrone Dalby. a great portfolio of silkscreen prints and collage works that many of which focus on sexuality, gender and place. A sprinkling of pop culture and throw-backs to childhood memories. They certainly hit the right frequency with me,

Dalby uses authentic original collage material in his work, vintage maps and book pages, postage stamps, music sheets etc. they all have a particular quality and are visually held together with the overlay screen print image. Screen printing is an anachronistic process that leaves a very physical surface that you can feel through your fingertips. Its easy to get wrong and even identical prints will have slight variations.

A cheeky valentines print... but not just for valentines, it can be cheeky all year round.

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