Art is absolutely the best gift for Valentines day

What could be a greater gesture of affection than buying your loved one a piece of original art? It's not about how much you spend (original art can be a bit of an investment) it's about how well you know your partner and are willing to gamble on that assumption.

Art, at the best of times, is a subjective beast so being able to choose something that conforms to someone else taste must indicate an intimate knowledge of that person.

I would say that we probably have something for every taste in the gallery, but actually that's not true. I should amend that by saying that you will need to have a level of intelligence, sophistication and GOOD taste to find something you and your partner loves in the gallery.

To illustrate that - here are some great new pieces of art we have in the gallery - something for all (good) tastes and pockets.

A new direction for Rachael Bennett - very dense relief in a quadrent

Sam Lock - miniature study in a book and handmade miniature book stacks

Jason Noble - genital illustration

Sarah Mathers - Silver and semi-precious stone jewellery

Megan Players - Mixed media on canvas

Jane Perkins - Assemblage sculpture / jewellery

Robert Freame - large acrylic on canvas

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