Believe It or Not

I was flicking through my daughters Christmas copy of 'Ripley's Believe It or Not' , giant snakes, mermaids and wolds biggest pizza - that sort of thing, got to the Pop Culture section and was pleasantly surprised to find one of our artists with a huge feature.

Jane Perkins has had work in the gallery for almost three years and sells regularly. I know she already enjoys an international reputation and has a massive on-line following but it was great to come across her work so casually and unexpectedly. Ripley's is a very popular publication in the same vein as The Guinness Book of Records, our kids get them every year. There is always a section on popular culture and art - Janes work features on the two page introduction and then another whole page with a little more detail. Most interesting to us is that it mentions the 'Hokusai - Great Wave' which was sold through Words & Pictures Gallery!!!

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