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Happy New Year From Words & Pictures Gallery

We have some great exhibitions lined up for 2019 with the first to start in March when the weather improves and it's not quite so cold.

In the interim we have some new artists to introduce and new works from artists already represented by Words & Pictures Gallery.

Glenn Wilce Enamel on Ply

These are interesting reliefs by Glenn Wilce. Beautifully crafted enamel seagulls composed on a stained ply ground. The space and composition is great and although these three pieces are not designed as a triptych - it does work really well. I'm a great fan of enamel, being a child of the 70's when I should think every kid who went to a an English lower school drilled a hole in a bit of copper and dusted it with some garish enamel powder, shoved it in a tiny kiln and then had something to give mum for Mothers Day.

Glenn is a perfectionist and these pieces are extraordinarily well crafted. The gulls are shaped and formed with delicate undulations and counter-enameled (enamel is applied to both back and front of the copper).

enameled copper

Detail of the enameled copper seagulls by Glenn Wilce.

New Works by Robert Fream

Robert Freame Painting

Detail of painterly surface by Robert Freame

War Ship painting by Robert Freame

We have a number of new works by Robert Freame including another of these large Warship Paintings. The other much admired 'Man 'o' War' painting the same size as this one sold just before Christmas (destined to become someones present on Christmas morning - what an amazing gift!) Robert usually uses oil but these larger more vigorous paintings are acrylic on canvas.

We also have a flotilla of smaller studies also by Robert Freame.

Robert Freame 'ship study 1'

Robert Freame 'Ship Study 2'

Robert Freame 'Ship Study 3'

For further details please contact me via the website or if you are in the area pop into the gallery and see what other treats we have.

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