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New Window Display - sort of sculpture?

Words and Pictures Gallery s latest window display is a kind of masked opportunity for me to do a bit of sculpture / installation. I think it may be a little subtle and because it is a bit odd but not ostentatious it's become sort of invisible. it certainly hasn't attracted as much discussion as some of our other more obvious window offerings.

The feet are plaster casts of baby giraffe hoofs - Shelley worked as a consultant on a sculpture project at a local school and asked me to sculpt these feet as part of that commission. I had the mould, half a bag of soon to go off plaster and some metal rod so it seemed kind of obvious. Ive used animal feet before and the house is a common motif that seems to crop up almost without me being aware of it.

I think I would have preferred to not have used them as props for the jewellery but i've found the balance between my commercial head and the 'artist' head quite difficult - but the kids need new shoes so that's kind of a settles that for the most part.

window display

Installation art Jason Noble

The other things I've been making are much more aggressively 'craft' based. Not cynical but sort of lightly politicized. They do need to be read - ironically not in a literal way.

political art

Sculpture Jason Noble

eat the rich - sculpture, Jason Noble

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