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Re-Hang in progress... with a little help. (and I chose the hottest week of the year to do it of cou

Last week Words & Pictures Gallery was very glad of some help to re-hang the gallery (or at least to prepare for a re-hang) in the form of Tianna from Teign School on a weeks work experience. I gave her some pretty dull jobs including covering shelves with book pages! not sure what there was any educational value in gluing book pages to a shelf but she made a cracking job and whats more I didn't have to do it! Tianna was good company and did a little design work for me and even wrote some blog content...

'My name is Tianna and I have been on a work experience placement here at the Words and Pictures Gallery in Teignmouth for the past week.

My time here began on Monday, where I was greeted with a very warm welcome by the owner, Jason. From my first impression, the shop at the front was filled with a variety of paintings - some which I loved and others not so much, but definitely a variety – as well as cards, ceramics and glasswork. The gallery in the back has had an exhibition of work by Rachael Bennett and this room became my working space for most of the week. The work was beautiful and the room was cool so it was a relaxing place to be.

During this week, I have worked on many things. One thing I did was I covered four shelves (to be) in book pages to match a feature of the shop/gallery and, although it took a long time, I actually quite enjoyed it. Through sorting and replacing cards, greeting customers (even having really nice chats with some of them) and learning how to use the till – even though I was too nervous to actually use it – I have learned a lot about how this place works.

Aside from the gallery, I have also loved being in Teignmouth this week. The location is beautiful and there have been many adorable dogs which I have been able to stroke (always a bonus!). The only negative has been the seagulls as I now dislike them since one stole my lunch on Monday.

Overall, I have had a really good time this week and will be sure to come back to the Words and Pictures Gallery, as well as Teignmouth.'


work experience

I think Tianna nailed the character of Teignmouth - Dogs and Seagulls.

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