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Paintings By F G Davis

What an excellent exhibition! I believe this is the first time that this series has been exhibited together . It's a really colourful treat, uncompromising mixtures of colour and composition with a huge range of marks and gestural applications that you wouldn't think could work - but they do.

So nice to have such a great show at the gallery and the feedback from visitors has been nothing but positive, even those we were slightly sceptical seem to have warmed to it.

There is a book to accompany the exhibition (a slim tome to be sure, but full of great images) for which I wrote the foreword.

If you can - please come and see this exhibition - it will warm your soul.

Saturday 5th - 18th May

The Coffee Sack Series by FG Davis

Painting exhibition F G Davis

Back room Gallery @ Words & Pictures Gallery

Mixed media Painting F G Davis

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