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New work, New Workbench, New Layout - We are ready for 2018... Bring it on!


New layout in the gallery ready for whatever the new year can throw at us. I've decided to move some of my making practice to the gallery so I can manufacture in-between curating shows and manning the space. So the next time you come to the gallery I may very well be covered in paint, rust, PVA, resin, sawdust or blood.

contemporary gallery space

In the top right hand corner you can see two new Rachael Bennett paintings - the surface texture and form mimic the paint and visual qualities but don't follow it, so there are two different qualities at play. Almost like the paint and painterly surface rides over the texture but the texture is the real surface. Better seen than described!

And there is my new workbench in the foreground - unblemished but soon to be soiled with my sloppy but enthusiastic working practices.

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