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Life Drawing Classes and New Jeweller with the Gallery

Shelley (co-owner of Words & Pictures Gallery) is starting the delivery of life drawing classes after Christmas. It's not in the gallery which is bit of a shame - but it's too small - so the classes have been arranged in six week blocks at TAAG in Northumberland Place in Teignmouth.

She has a range of models booked and she is a brilliant and patient tutor for those who want tuition otherwise just use the sessions to draw!

Please see details below:

life drawing Devon

Other News:

We have a new Jeweller working with the gallery. Sarah Mather (OTZKI). The jewellery is cast silver with set stones and minerals some cut other raw. Each piece is unique and priced very reasonably. Each stone or mineral has a particular meaning and Sarah says that her pieces are concerned with healing and connectivity and you will be drawn toward the piece for you.

I've uploaded a few on the website with sizes and prices and will add more next week. If there is anything in the images you like give me call or pop in to the gallery.

silver, citrine and rose quartz ring

Silver and Peridot Ring
Silver Jewellery

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