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New Exhibition 'Contemporary Classics' work by Anna Grayson and Jane Perkins

Van Gogh, Jane Perkins, Anna Grayson
Van Gogh Portrait

As my three year old son frequently says 'they made me do it' - referring to his older and more mischievous sisters. This shot was taken for publicity purposes for the show but also as a continuation of a theme Anna Grayson has been pursuing over a number of years. The piece that frames my rather reluctant head is a copy of Van Goghs Sunflowers by Jane Perkins, constructed from plastic toys and components meticulously arranged and composed to form compositions within the composition.

Hokusai Great Wave copies

Jane Perkins (Left) and Anna Grayson have a Katsushika Hokusai stand-off. The private view is on Friday 26th May at 6.30.

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