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Exhibition - 'Six Degrees of Separation' - Private View 6.30pm, Tuesday 16th May 2017. Make

Devon Exhibition, various artists

just sorting through all the entries we have had for the Words & Pictures Gallery 'Six Degrees of Separation' exhibition. there are some really great little bits of work from artists who usually charge a great deal more for their work. This really is an opportunity to get yourself a terrific piece of original art for a ridiculous price. Shelley has already 'bagsied' something (well there has to be some perks to owning a gallery!).

The private view starts at 6.30 on Tuesday - I'm going to be quite strict and not sell anything for the first 20 minutes just so everyone gets a good look at the work on the walls.

Please remember that this is a charity event and 50% of the proceeds will go to 'Support4Co' childrens cancer charity (the artists will get the other half).

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