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Artist of the week: Caroline Wightman... again!

Devon Artist oil painting Caroline Wightman

Well - we don't usually have the same artist as artist of the week for two weeks running but the Caroline Wightman show was such a stunning success that we couldn't resist. There are only a few paintings left so if you want to own one you need to contact the gallery and get it reserved.

Here are the only ones left - for details please contact me directly.

Gathering Light Caroline Wightman Oil Painting contemporary art

This is a real cracker - and I don't know why it didn't sell during the first wave!!??

contemporary painting contemporary artist Caroline Wightman

Another nice one - no text on the surface of this one.

While I'm here I should mention the text on the paintings - Many Visitors to the gallery have mentioned it. some really like it others don't. I think the text (always the title of the painting) is a conceptual note that must accompany the painting. The handwriting is very particular and addresses the composition and rhythmic tone so it holds some aesthetic value. It also suggests something about the importance the title of a work has on the reading of a painting. Sometimes perhaps the audience needs a clue to 'get' what the artist is trying to achieve. And if it's some very particular feeling, memory or experiance then a title is a good 'way in'. Although I should just ask Caroline!

contemporary oil painting Caroline Wightman Devon

This is still available - but probably not for long.

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