Gallery rehang complete! And some really Good NEW contemporary painting on the walls.

I've spent the last couple of weeks taking everything down and putting up a lot of new work... particularly painting. We have some quite challenging new abstract work on the wall and I've also managed to shuffle the existing collection around to hang some of the work that was being stored. It makes such a difference to see it at eye level and on a neutral backdrop.

One of our new artists is NICKY NOBLE (No relation)

Here is Nicky s personal statement:

Nicky Noble

Noble Ceramics

Living by the sea in beautiful Devon, my inspiration is drawn from nature and the finds and photographs collected during my walks along the lanes, on the beach or through the fields. I am stimulated by colour, form and texture of the often unnoticed and fragile micro-worlds I encounter.

My handmade moulds and the smooth surface of the slip cast porcelain and earthenware I use in my ceramics enable me to capture what I see and express how I feel about it. Natures ecological fragility and the ease with which the balance can be tipped is ever present in my mind.

As a student, I am excited by having the opportunity to continue exploring possibilities and developing my work.

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