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Is it too Late to wish everyone a Happy New Year?

#contemporary #ceramics #blue #pot #andreausher

This is a truly awful photograph of a very attractive piece of ceramics by Andrea Usher. Andrea s work sells very well in the gallery - particularly the jugs and large bowls. Andrea began her career as a professional ceramicist apprenticed to a commercial studio based in Devon but after some time spent travelling Andrea decided to set up for herself . The surface design on these thrown pots (of course) reflects the sea and the beautiful South Devon landscape we are privileged to live near.


Christmas is over and I've taken the decorations down but the gallery is open after our short vacation and we have some really great work - not least these stained glass pieces by Amy McCarthy...

Stained glass #stained #glass

...and these decorated cast stoneware bowls by new artist Nicky Noble (no relation!)...

contemporary ceramics Devon art and craft

...and I have some work in production that I'm keen to get in the gallery soon. Let me know if you are interested in anything.

Contemporary painting, contemporary art, conceptual art

Oh and Happy New Year - not too late after all!

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