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Breaking News! Words & Pictures Gallery wins Teignmouth Guy Fawkes Trail window display!

Diego Guy Fawkes Words & Pictures Gallery winner

Brodequin Shoemakers (last years winners) very kindly selected Diego our Guy as this years winner of the Teignmouth Guy Fawkes Trail window display.

Every year the shops in Teignmouth all make a Guy to sit in their window display for Halloween and Bonfire Night and over half term. There is a prize for children who collect all the names of the Guys (no small challenge) and the best Guy / window display is selected and awarded a rather splendid winners shield from Teignmouth Traders Association. The Association do loads of really good work around the town and organise tons of events for children and the community.

The photographers have been in and taken our picture and should be in the Teignmouth Post on Friday... I suspect once the story has broken I will have the nationals camping outside the Gallery for Diego exclusives!

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