New triptych by Rachael Bennett 'Lanza No 13'. Mixed media on 3 canvases: the complete painting measures 150cm x 100cm but can be spaced to fill a larger wall.

Some soft pastel tones set against some very dark and textured surfaces suggesting a layered landscape. Bennett continues to play with the edge between the real surface of a painting and the materials that it is made from and the illusion of a 'picture' of a landscape.

'Lanza No 13' by Rachael Bennett

  • Paintings of this nature that are large and vulnerable to damage are quite expensive to package and ship. Local deliveries (under 25 miles from Teignmouth) can be made free of charge. We use ISCA fine art logistics to make all other deliveries and it would be wise to phone or email the gallery before you purchase to arrange delivery and pay any additional fees.