Rachael Bennett new exhibition 'Island Walk'

Very excited to host an exhibition of recent works by Rachael Bennett - Based on a series of Island walks, they include mixed media paintings and a new set of heavily collaged works. Bennetts work is all about process and materials. clearly evident in the layers and surface quality of her paintings. These are produced horizontally on her studio floor and although she would probably not define them as 'action paintings' they must include some almost performative element. I've not seen her paint but her studio is full of compressors, spray-guns, hair-driers, pots and pots of dyes, paints and mediums and any number of jars full of ash, sand, mud ,dust and unidentified 'stuff'. I think I will as

'Behind Closed Doors' Exhibition

Curated by Shelley Noble This exhibition showcases the work of 18 artists that has been produced over lock-down. Some of these artists have not exhibited with the gallery before and the artists and studio practices are quite different - indeed only linked by their productivity in responses to a shared experience. Every artist was asked to produce a statement to support their submission - all of which are an interesting insight in to differing responses and approaches; some of which are very moving. Not least of all Shelley Nobles introductory text and rationale. We are doing everything we can to get back to normal at the gallery, your continued support and patronage is gratefully acknowledg

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