We are OPEN!!!

Well actually we have been open since Monday but its been a mad rush to get everything ready for customers to use the gallery safely. We also spent quite a lot of time redecorating and rehanging new work... which took a lot longer than expected. We have unfortunately had to postpone the three exhibitions we had arranged for March, April and May until next year but it has given us an opportunity to put together an exciting group exhibition next month entitled 'Behind Closed Doors'. Its been curated by Shelley Noble and brings together artists with no other connection other than they are local and have been making work during lockdown. More to follow and details next week. There is lots of new

Spring cleaning the Gallery for Reopening on 15th June!!!

After what seems like a long time away from the gallery with a very abrupt departure we are finally able to reopen on Monday 15th June! Its not been an easy couple of months with three reluctant homeschoolers and the background noise of the pandemic. Shielding the children physically and emotionally is quite exhausting. But we are back in action! I've got a steady stream of original artwork from new and existing artists with some great group and one person exhibitions coming up. We have unfortunately had to postpone three exhibitions from this years calendar - but rest assured they will be in the gallery next year. Monica Shanta, Zac Mclaughlin and Liese Webley solo exhibitions will all be r

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