Believe It or Not

I was flicking through my daughters Christmas copy of 'Ripley's Believe It or Not' , giant snakes, mermaids and wolds biggest pizza - that sort of thing, got to the Pop Culture section and was pleasantly surprised to find one of our artists with a huge feature. Jane Perkins has had work in the gallery for almost three years and sells regularly. I know she already enjoys an international reputation and has a massive on-line following but it was great to come across her work so casually and unexpectedly. Ripley's is a very popular publication in the same vein as The Guinness Book of Records, our kids get them every year. There is always a section on popular culture and art - Janes work feature

Happy New Year From Words & Pictures Gallery

We have some great exhibitions lined up for 2019 with the first to start in March when the weather improves and it's not quite so cold. In the interim we have some new artists to introduce and new works from artists already represented by Words & Pictures Gallery. These are interesting reliefs by Glenn Wilce. Beautifully crafted enamel seagulls composed on a stained ply ground. The space and composition is great and although these three pieces are not designed as a triptych - it does work really well. I'm a great fan of enamel, being a child of the 70's when I should think every kid who went to a an English lower school drilled a hole in a bit of copper and dusted it with some garish enamel

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