Little Abstract Paintings - packed with Colour and Space

New paintings from Shelley Noble (Words & Pictures Gallery Co-Owner...and wife). These really are little gems, such a small picture plane packed with colour and the illusion of space. Layered with media and subtle areas of matte and gloss, broken areas of paint and patches of pattern laced through with stitch. This is a small series of three and I've seen others in the first stages of creation in the studio... larger ones, look forward to seeing those completed.

New Window Display - sort of sculpture?

Words and Pictures Gallery s latest window display is a kind of masked opportunity for me to do a bit of sculpture / installation. I think it may be a little subtle and because it is a bit odd but not ostentatious it's become sort of invisible. it certainly hasn't attracted as much discussion as some of our other more obvious window offerings. The feet are plaster casts of baby giraffe hoofs - Shelley worked as a consultant on a sculpture project at a local school and asked me to sculpt these feet as part of that commission. I had the mould, half a bag of soon to go off plaster and some metal rod so it seemed kind of obvious. Ive used animal feet before and the house is a common motif that

New Collaborative Work by Rose Ensor and Rachael Bennett

I particularly like this pair of collaborative mixed media pieces on paper. They remind me so much of the massive still life set-ups we used to put together in the drawing studio that we would then inflict upon the students. The best were always like this - energetic, engaged with, loose and not over-worked. All the better for being the work of two well respected artists (both teachers). They look better in the flesh as do all of the works in the physical gallery. I will add them to the website product pages tomorrow.

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