Life Drawing Classes in Teignmouth

Brilliant tuition from Shelley Noble for both beginners and those with much more experience who just want access to a life model and studio space. Only 12 spaces available so make your booking now. There are 6 sessions but there is room for one or two drop in sessions if you just want to have a go. I thought this would make an excellent birthday gift as a full 6 week term or just a drop-in single session.

Please Vote for us! (again)

Fantastic news - we have been shortlisted in the finals of the Muddy Stilettos Gallery of the Year Awards! We are one of the five galleries shortlisted from amongst the hundreds of galleries in the South-West and its thanks to you that we have got this far - thank you. What would be even more amazing is if you voted for us again. The counters on the Muddy Stilettos website have been set back to zero so every vote counts. Just click on the image below and if I've set it up correctly it should take you to the Muddy Stilettos vote page. if it doesn't them please visit: and it should take you there. Thank you in advance from both Shelley and myself Thanks

Paintings By F G Davis

What an excellent exhibition! I believe this is the first time that this series has been exhibited together . It's a really colourful treat, uncompromising mixtures of colour and composition with a huge range of marks and gestural applications that you wouldn't think could work - but they do. So nice to have such a great show at the gallery and the feedback from visitors has been nothing but positive, even those we were slightly sceptical seem to have warmed to it. There is a book to accompany the exhibition (a slim tome to be sure, but full of great images) for which I wrote the foreword. If you can - please come and see this exhibition - it will warm your soul. Saturday 5th - 18th May The

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