Next Exhibition - F G Davis ' The coffee Sack Series'

F G Davis paintings are uncompromising in their use of colour, texture and surface - They will excite your visual receptors and shake up your imagination. The starting point for this series ,as the title suggests, is a collection of large coffee sacks used in whole or in part to direct the composition. There is a very well presented book that accompanies this exhibition for which I was happy to write the foreword. The Private View is on Saturday 5th of May from 5 to 7pm, please feel free to come alone and say hello to F G and enjoy the exhibition.

The Warmth Brings Colour

It's just coincidence but I think I have just finished these three paintings and it happens to be as the weather seems to have finally changed. I do tend to work in to the night so it's not the quality of light that i need so much as the quality of heat. They are rather layered and laboured with meaning but I would imagine that at the very least it would be obvious that they are landscapes. I'm more than happy to discuss them if you are interested but I do tend to go on (and on). 'Strip of Vinyl Table Cloth' oil and acrylic on canvas 85 x 60cm Jason Noble 'Agincourt' oil and acrylic on board, 40 x 56cm Jason Noble 'Naseby' oil and acrylic on board, 40 x 56cm Jason Noble

LORI DIGGLE exhibition open until Saturday 14th April

Some great work from Lori Diggle - exploring acts of performance in the landscape and the frailty of memory. I think it's important to remember this when you see the paintings because it does make your experience much more fulfilling. They are paintings that generate discussion as all important art should.

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