Amy and Work Experience

Amy from Dawlish Community College came to do a couple of days work experience at the gallery and I have to say that she did a brilliant job! We briefed her about the artists work and the various materials and processes they use and how the gallery runs. She took it all on board and smiled through all the mundane jobs we piled on her. We were so confident in her abilities that we let her loose with the design of the latest window display: An excellent job Amy - well done.

New Artist of the week - Emily Parr

We have some exquisite new ceramic tiles by Emily Parr in the gallery at the moment. These are box framed without glass . The tiles are part of a new collection of Emily Parrs work which includes small slab-pots and shallow bowls. They are more refined than previous work and serve as brilliant vehicles for these decorative surface designs. They are really paintings that happen to be on ceramic bodies.

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