'Contemporary Classics' on until the 9th June don't miss it.

Jane Perkins brilliant homage to some very famous paintings including a number of Van Gogh sunflowers. These have generated a lot of interest. Jane sells work all over the world and we are very fortunate to have her in our gallery. There are compositions within the compositions and if you know your pop-culture you will be able to recognise plenty of the toys and plastic nik-naks that make up the surfaces. My particular favourites are the toy soldiers. These are hilarious - Anna Grayson uses self portraiture and a host of extras to make these photographic realisations of paintings. It helps if you know a little art history - but you really don't need it to get the sense of painting, compositi

Exhibition - 'Six Degrees of Separation' - Private View 6.30pm, Tuesday 16th May 2017. Make

just sorting through all the entries we have had for the Words & Pictures Gallery 'Six Degrees of Separation' exhibition. there are some really great little bits of work from artists who usually charge a great deal more for their work. This really is an opportunity to get yourself a terrific piece of original art for a ridiculous price. Shelley has already 'bagsied' something (well there has to be some perks to owning a gallery!). The private view starts at 6.30 on Tuesday - I'm going to be quite strict and not sell anything for the first 20 minutes just so everyone gets a good look at the work on the walls. Please remember that this is a charity event and 50% of the proceeds will go to 'Sup

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