First Artists Exhibition! "Valentine Blush" Painting by Megan Players, Photography by Mart

This is going to be quite challenging for some, others will get a bit hot under the collar but for most it will be an interesting insight in to two distinctly different interpretations of female form. One is a photographer the other a painter... but the real dialogue is about sex, objectification and the relationship between artist and model. Whatever you take from it - you will not be bored! We will be having a Valentines Soiree on the 14th February so you can meet the artists and put the work in context. We would be thrilled if you can come along.

Gallery rehang complete! And some really Good NEW contemporary painting on the walls.

I've spent the last couple of weeks taking everything down and putting up a lot of new work... particularly painting. We have some quite challenging new abstract work on the wall and I've also managed to shuffle the existing collection around to hang some of the work that was being stored. It makes such a difference to see it at eye level and on a neutral backdrop. One of our new artists is NICKY NOBLE (No relation) Here is Nicky s personal statement: Nicky Noble Noble Ceramics Living by the sea in beautiful Devon, my inspiration is drawn from nature and the finds and photographs collected during my walks along the lanes, on the beach or through the fields. I am stimulated by colour, form an

Is it too Late to wish everyone a Happy New Year?

This is a truly awful photograph of a very attractive piece of ceramics by Andrea Usher. Andrea s work sells very well in the gallery - particularly the jugs and large bowls. Andrea began her career as a professional ceramicist apprenticed to a commercial studio based in Devon but after some time spent travelling Andrea decided to set up for herself . The surface design on these thrown pots (of course) reflects the sea and the beautiful South Devon landscape we are privileged to live near. OTHER NEWS... Christmas is over and I've taken the decorations down but the gallery is open after our short vacation and we have some really great work - not least these stained glass pieces by Amy McCarth

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