Last chance for late night shopping in Teignmouth

Today is your last chance to pop in to the gallery after work to pick up that last minute (but truly spectacular) gift for Christmas. We will stay open until at least 7.30 but later if you need us to. If you really can't get to us before 7.30 just drop me a line and I'll keep the doors open as long as late as you like.

Artist of the Week is Robert Freame chosen by Millie Hedden

Our artist of the week is the painter Robert Freame. Robert works mostly with oil on canvas and has produced a prestigious number of landscapes and seascapes with broken colour and mark some to the point of abstraction. They have been very popular over the past year and we carry a number of examples in the gallery and on the website. Special mention and thank you to Millie Hedden (a valued customer) who selected this weeks artist.

Late Night Shopping and 10% off selected Paintings. Give a unique gift to someone you love.

Get yourself down to the gallery for some fantastic original Christmas presents. There are Gallery only discounts to be had. And if you really want to give an extraordinary gift - this is the place to get it. There is plenty of mass produced stuff out there, but isn't everybody going to end up with the same thing? if you want a truly unique gift that may actually mean something - produced locally (and more often than not ethically) buy art. Don't buy as an investment - buy because you love it! you don't need any other reason to buy something - other than it gives you pleasure.

Rugged Copper and Enamel rings by Jason Noble

These are proving to be very popular with the chaps... kind of rugged. all unique and in a range of sizes. If you see a design you like I may be able to replicate it in your size... or something like it. I've got 12 in the gallery and will be making some larger ones soon. If your interested - come and see the range and try a few on. A good Christmas present to yourself.

Words & Pictures Gallery on the Television!

Not sure when it will air but the local news station was filming the gallery on Saturday and Tuesday as part of Teignmouths 'Love your Town' week. I hope they got some good shots of the book Christmas tree I built in the window.

Words & Pictures Artist of the week - Derek Finch

Derek Finch produces these wonderful assemblage / collage pieces that have more than a reverential nod towards the work of Joseph Cornell. These versions have a very 'English' twist to them and are much more delicate then their American counterparts - what's more they are eminently affordable! If you want something quirky on your wall and absolutely unique, original work then you couldn't go far wrong with one of these. There are a few on the website but I have more in the gallery. If you are interested - drop me a line and I'll e-mail you some images.

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